8 Best Tablets Under 150 in 2023

  • By Kashif
  • February 7, 2023
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Best Tablets under 150

Tablets have become increasingly popular as portable and versatile devices for both personal and professional use. With the advancements in technology, it is now possible to find high-quality tablets at affordable prices. “High-end tablets at an affordable price?” Yes, you heard it right.

But it is a time taking job to do. Finding the right one is not a piece of cake. You are spending your hard earnings and we know you are curious about that. So what is the best and easiest way to get one? If you read it here you are walking through the easiest way.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best tablets under $150. These budget-friendly tablets come from reputable brands and offer a combination of features that make them ideal for browsing the web, streaming video content, and even for basic work tasks. You will love to find out how we will add great value to the money you are investing.

How do we pick these tablets?

Before jumping into the product review, it is important to let you know how we pick these products.

We review tons of products every month and believe us it is indeed a piece of cake for us. Sometimes we buy and hire products from different sources like Amazon, eBay, best buy, and a lot of others. We even go for consumer interviews about the products.

To provide better and more precise information to our valuable readers for decision making we believe in quality.

Best Under $150 Tablets Reviews

1. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (Best Tablets for Reading)

SeriesA7 Lite
Display Resolution Maximum1340 x 800 Pixels
Screen Size8.7 Inches
Camera2MP Front, 8MP Rear
Internal Storage Capacity32 GB

All our lives our heads are stuck in our books and we spend most of our time taking notes. So, when you look at tablets they seem to be a fascinating replacement. They not only save us time but save us from a lot of effort.

So, when it comes to reviewing these tablets, I came across the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite which was under the use of a friend as an e-reader. I was intrigued by its specs so I got one too. After using it for a few months, writing its review doesn’t seem a bad idea to save from the hassle of all the research.

The A7 Lite tablet is not only lightweight but has a premium design with a strong metal frame which attracts you foremost. The 8.7” touchscreen with 1340*800 pixels of resolution can give you a seamless experience while reading your favorite e-books. Moreover, the octa-core processor makes your apps run super-fast.

Additionally, the 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage can accommodate plenty of your apps, programs, games, or documents. However, you can expand it through a microSD card up to 1TB if you require more space.

The noteworthy feature of the Galaxy Tab A7 lite is that it supports WIFI as well as cellular networks. So, it’s a 2-in-1 device with the Android 11 operating system. Lastly, it comes with 2MP front and 8MP rear cameras for capturing your precious moments and video calling as well.

However, a similar version of SAMSUNG A7 lite also comes without a SIM slot if you plan on buying for your kids it might be suitable.


  • The tab has a high-resolution display.
  • It provides you with ample storage.
  • It is multipurpose as it can make phone calls.
  • Cons

  • You will have to buy an additional microSD card.

  • 2. Zonko Tablet (Best LTE Tablets with SIM Cards)

    Display Resolution Maximum1280 x 800 Pixels
    Screen Size10.1 Inches
    Camera2MP Front, 5MP Rear
    Internal Storage Capacity32 GB (Expandable to 128GB)

    When it comes to dual sim tablets you do not find many. So, the ZONKO Android 9.0 tablet fascinated me. Therefore, let’s explore its features and specs and find out all the worth sharing details.

    The 10 inches IPS display with 1280*800 resolution on the tablet offers you a pleasant screen time for watching your favorite shows, playing games, or reading eBooks without having to recharge your device with a strong 6000mAh battery.

    Moreover, you can run and download all the programs and apps with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage according to your preference. If you need more storage an additional memory card of 128GB can be inserted into the tablet.

    When it comes to faster performance the 1.3GHz quad-core processor tops everything. But the cherry on top is the dual sim function. You don’t even need a phone if you have this tablet, simply message or call anyone with this tab. So, you won’t have to worry about finding WIFI where ever you go with this device because it is a 3G phone tablet.  


  • The tablet supports dual-sim cards.
  • The fast quad-core processor makes your experience pleasant.
  • The 8 hours long battery can save you from any disturbance.
  • The tab is very affordable.
  • Cons

  • Sometimes the touchscreen responds a bit slowly.

  • 3. Simbans Tango Tab (Best Tablets with USB Ports)

    Display Resolution Maximum1280 x 800 Pixels
    Screen Size10.1 Inches
    Camera2MP Front, 5MP Rear
    Internal Storage Capacity64 GB
    Battery5 Hours

    When it comes to the best budgeted tablet, Simbans Tango Tab is your go-to tablet. It’s been quite sometime now I have been reviewing tablets and this one deserved it as well.

    So, the Simbans Tango tablet comes with 3 free items which is quite a highlight of this tab. There’s an already applied screen protector, a case, and a universal adaptor. The tab has a sleek design with a 10.1-inch display for a premium visual experience.

    However, it runs on a quad-core processor with 4GB Ram and 64 GB internal storage for efficient functioning and storage so you can run numerous programs simultaneously. Additionally, you can add more space through a microSD card if you feel like it.

    Moreover, connect it to your TV to watch your favorite shows on the big screen. This portable entertainment device won’t let you be bored as it comes with preinstalled games and many more apps. You can watch Netflix shows for almost 5 hours on this tablet without any disturbance. 


  • The Simbans tablet is very affordable.
  • It works efficiently without consuming a lot of batteries.
  • Enjoy maximum storage to download unlimited games and apps.
  • It has a mini HDMI port to connect it to the TV.
  • Cons

  • You have to buy an additional SD card if you need more space.

  • 4. Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus (Best Tablet for Watching Movies)

    Display Resolution Maximum1920 x 1200 Pixels
    Screen Size10.3 Inches
    Camera2MP Front, 5MP Rear
    Internal Storage Capacity32 GB
    Battery8.5 Hours

    Some tablets are worth the hype they create. Lenovo is the name that quite fulfills your expectations. Similarly, the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus tablet is loaded with features at a very reasonable price. So, I stumbled on this tablet at a friend’s place and it impressed me instantly.

    Therefore, trying it was not a bad option when it is placed on a smart dock, it seems quite attractive. However, it does have a lot to offer. The IPS HD display on this 10” tablet gives you a marvel experience of watching movies or even playing games or even working on it for approximately 8 hours without straining your eyes. 

    The octa-core processor with the Android 9 Pie operating system makes sure that your apps smoothly function without disturbing your whole experience. Moreover, in terms of storage, it offers you 2GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage, to have all the latest apps and programs your desire.  

     Additionally, the tablet can be docked and the built-in Alexa feature can help you control your device from where ever you want in the home or office. 


  • The display of the tablet reduces visual fatigue.
  • It comes with a multipurpose speaker dock.
  • The dual-band WIFI is great for connectivity.
  • Cons

  • The device takes longer to charge.

  • 5. Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablets (Best for Reading and Taking Notes)

    BrandDragon Touch
    SeriesNotepad K10
    Display Resolution Maximum1280 x 800 Pixels
    Screen Size10 Inches
    Camera2MP Front, 8MP Rear
    Internal Storage Capacity32 GB (Expandable to 128GB)

    Dragon Touch Notepad K10 is a more budget-friendly tablet when it comes to buying one. Having a metal backplate and a plastic display. It would be nicer if having a glass display but it’s okay while with budgeted tablets. Having under 530 grams of weight, it’s not that much heavy and can be carried out. Having a 10-inches display provides enough area to watch movies or stream live. As per the resolution, you can watch anything in full HD having 1280 x 800 resolution.

    The tablet is backed by Android version 9.0 which is the latest and cannot be upgraded further. It is also its downside. Let’s have a few words about its performance. The Notepad K10 is not that much awesome as other expensive tablets. One can smoothly stream videos, web browsing, social media browsing, or play a 2D game. The tablet struggles while playing 3D games. It got a 2MP front and 8MP back camera with 480p and 720p video recording respectively.

    Let’s come to the most important part, the battery. Dragon Touch Notepad K10 got a 5000mAH battery, that last long for up to 12 hours. Providing enough time to stream, read, or watch movies while traveling or being at a distance from the charger. All in all, it is the best-budgeted tablet that you can have in the big fish market.


  • The tablet is suitable for basic tasks like browsing, reading, or using social media.
  • It’s the best and most affordable alternative to expensive tablets.
  • You can also have access to Google Play Service.
  • Cons

  • No further updates after Android version 9.0

  • 6. Amazon Fire HD 10 (Best for Gaming)

    SeriesFire HD 10
    Display Resolution Maximum1920 x 1200 with over 2 million pixels (224 PPI)
    Screen Size10.1″ touchscreen 1080p full HD
    Camera2 MP front-facing and 5 MP rear-facing cameras with 720p HD video recording
    Internal Storage Capacity32 or 64 GB (expandable by up to 1 TB)
    RAM3 GB
    Battery4 hours

    This tablet is one of the finest options for you if you want a quick, responsive tablet with a bright HD display without worrying about storage. We are here with Fire HD 10 which is one of the best tablets under 200. This is a budget-friendly tablet, but still, you will receive strong specifications and exceptional performance. It’s an updated version of Fire HD 8. You can watch your favorite movies and TV series on Prime Video, Netflix, HBO NOW, Disney+, Sling TV, and more services on this tablet that is made for entertainment.

    The 10′′ HD brilliant display of the Fire HD 10 makes your movies and photos look even more spectacular in HD. Having 32 GB of internal storage, which can be increased to 512 GB using a microSD card. Having a 2GHz octa-core CPU enables you to do any work with ease. It has 3GB of RAM installed for greater performance, making it more responsive to your duties.

    You may use Alexa whenever and whenever you want with the help of hands-free induction. The best part is that through your voice command, you can control your whole home environment. Ask Alexa to do it for you, and it will. You can effortlessly play music, view movies, light up your home, check the weather forecast for the day, and get the most recent breaking news for today with the help of Alexa’s hands-free support. It has a 2MP front-facing camera that enables you to make crystal-clear video calls and captures the greatest selfies. You can record the greatest moments of the day with the aid of its 5MP HD back camera. It may be used anywhere thanks to its 4-hour battery life.


  • Better in performance and speed than Fire HD 8.
  • You can control everything through the Alexa Support.
  • It’s the best gaming tablet for kids.
  • Enough battery timing for live streaming.
  • Cons

  • The charging speed is a bit slow, and that needs to be focused on.

  • 7. G-TiDE Kids Tablet (Best for Kids)

    SeriesKlap T1
    Display Resolution Maximum1280 x 800 Pixels
    Screen Size10.1 Inches
    Camera5MP+8MP Dual Camera
    Internal Storage Capacity32GB (Up to 128GB)

    Another we’ve on the list is G-TiDE Kids Tablet. I call it the best kids tablet because it’s kids-friendly. Having a 10 watts charger and a type-c cable. Surprisingly, it has a type C to USB connector as well. Consequently, you may plug in devices like a wired keyboard or a controller. That is so decent, especially considering the price which is currently on amazon. Having a pink color rubberized proof case that works perfectly well. It has a kickstand at the back which works as a handle to carry, and as a stand for watching movies.

    The tablet run on android version 11 of android go. It has matured recently. You can download all sorts of apps even though it’s a go edition. When it comes to the actual specs of the device, it has 32 GB of internal storage, which is also extendable. Having a quad-core CPU and 2GB of RAM. The tablet has a full-blown dark theme dark mode and night light which makes it easier on our eyes.

    Moreover, we’ve got all the connections from wi-fi to hotspots. The clap software that comes pre-installed is, in my opinion, the tablet’s main selling factor. It is incredibly reliable and simple to use. You can also restrict the apps by setting up a time limit for the whole week or every single day of use. Finally, you’ve statistics as well to see how much time your kid spent within the apps. Fire HD 10 also has a feature that teaches your kids the alphabet. There’s even more than that like colors basic maps, comparisons, and some mini-games as well.


  • An extra type C to the USB connector.
  • Battery longs for about 12 hours.
  • Kids-centered apps and games for making them cunning.
  • Cons

  • Having pre-installed apps that are unable to delete takes up space.

  • 8. TJD Android Tablets (Best Budgeted Tablet)

    Display Resolution Maximum1280 x 800 Pixels
    Screen Size10.1 Inches
    Camera2MP Front, 8MP Rare Camera
    Internal Storage Capacity32GB
    Battery8 Hours

    Let’s look at another budget tablet from a company called TJD. It’s our first time taking a look at one of their products but they do make a lot of tablets usually selling for under 200 dollars. Here, this is one of the best tablets under 100 that also has an integrated kickstand. The tablet has front-facing stereo speakers and other specs are pretty at entry-level. Having a quad-core processor from MediaTek along with 2GB of RAM.

    It is running on an android version 10 go edition. The tablet has 32 GB of built-in storage and then the typical built-in Bluetooth as well as wi-fi. Including 5MP rear-facing camera and 2MP front camera. For charging, a USB type-c port is being used and has a 6000mAH battery. Which lasts for around 5 to 12 hours of streaming. With the boxing, there arrives a free tablet case with the company’s logo imprinted on it. It is quite slim and is made of plastic on the edges. 

    However, the back of the tablet is actually made out of aluminum metal. In terms of ports, we do have a power key and a volume rocker on the top and then on the edge here we also have a flap that is covering up the micro-SD card slot. When it comes to scrolling, you can watch videos up to 1080p with an HD display. That’s been the TJD 10-inch budget android tablet.


  • Have bright and clear picture quality.
  • The nice and handy kickstand is perfect for you in all directions.
  • Touch screen is very responsive without delay.
  • Cons

  • All set, but it’s difficult to find out the right size tablet case.

  • What to look for when choosing the best tablet in 150 dollars range?

    Here is the scenario of what people expect at this price and what they experience after investing in it. At this price, you have to look for different things when choosing.

    It is important to check before buying a cheap tablet because these devices may have lower-quality components and specifications compared to more expensive ones.

    This can result in a poor user experience, including slow performance, limited battery life, and lower-resolution displays.

    Cheap tablets may have less storage and RAM, limiting the ability to run demanding applications or store large amounts of data.

    Checking before buying can help ensure that you are getting a tablet that meets your needs and expectations, and can help prevent potential disappointment or frustration with your purchase.


    To conclude these price tag tablets, it is very important to choose these wisely because you have multiple options to go with and you are not sure which will add value to your investment. You must check the specs and the power with the performance you are required for your work.

    All these tablets that we picked are the best in the market and kept the buying power of every individual in mind. We have also reviewed these tablets so that it is easy to find the best that suits you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a good inexpensive tablet to buy?

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is indeed one of the best of all and cheap too. You can even attach a smart keyboard to increase your productivity.

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